Wisconsin Food Trails

Summer is the time to get outside, try new things, go on adventures and ultimately, enjoy life. However, this summer has not been like the ones in the past and has left people confused. It can feel like you have nothing to look forward to, as traveling outside of your state is not recommended, and places within your state are limiting capacity and activities. As someone who is a huge advocate for traveling and exploring the world, this pandemic canceled a lot of travel plans for me and left me unsure of what to do during this time. Knowing I am not alone in this feeling, I decided to write a few blogs on how to make the most of this pandemic with in-state travel ideas. To continue this trend, I have created three different food trails for you to try, all starting and ending right here in Whitewater!

Some of you may be asking what a food trail is, so let me explain. A food trail is a travel route set up to stop at the top food destinations based on the category chosen. There are food trails for all kinds of food, such as tacos, burgers, grilled cheese, candy, and so much more!

Below are the suggested stops along these food trails, along with the city they are in and a photo of the mapped-out trail with the estimated drive time. If you are not currently residing in Whitewater, no problem! You can always start one of these food trails from where you are, or you can even make your own!

Before stopping at each of these places, please make sure to do your research on dine-in or carryout options. Also, make sure to be aware of any mask mandating that may be established in the county where these restaurants are located, and remember to continue to social distance while in public.

Wisconsin Food Trails you do not want to miss out on, all starting from Whitewater, WI and making a full loop back to campus:

1.      Wisconsin Ice Cream Trail

Being the leading state in dairy production, it should be no surprise that Wisconsin has developed a large amount of ice cream and custard shops. And let us be honest here, who does not love a nice scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day?! This Wisconsin ice cream trail brings you to some of the best old school ice cream and custard shops that Wisconsin has to offer!

  1. Gus’s Drive-in: East Troy, WI
  2. Purple Door Ice Cream: Milwaukee, WI 
  3. Leon’s Frozen Custard: Milwaukee, WI 
  4. Gilles Frozen Custard: Milwaukee, WI 
  5. Kopp’s Frozen Custard: Greenfield, WI
  6. Kiltie Drive-in: Oconomowoc, WI
  7.  Wholly Cow Frozen Custard: Delafield, WI 
  8. LeDuc’s Frozen Custard: Wales, WI

 *please note that the Kiltie is only open during the late spring to early fall months*

2.      Wisconsin Taco Trail

For all those taco lovers out there, make sure to bring your appetite when traveling down this Wisconsin taco trail! This trail starts out at the famous Cozumel’s Mexican Restaurant right here in Whitewater and continues to some of the best taco places in both Milwaukee and Madison!

  1. Cozumel’s Mexican Restaurant: Whitewater, WI
  2. BelAir Cantina: Brookfield, WI
  3. Su Casa Grande: Menomonee Falls, WI
  4. Mazatlán Restaurant: Delafield, WI
  5. Canteen: Madison, WI
  6. Taqueria Guadalajara: Madison, WI

3.      Wisconsin Cheese Curds Trail

Did you know that cheese making in Wisconsin dates all the way back to 1840, and today Wisconsin produces over two billion pounds of cheese a year? No wonder you cannot say Wisconsin without mentioning cheese! This Wisconsin cheese curd trail visits some of the best cheese curds that you can find while in Wisconsin. Although it is the longest option on this suggested list, trust me when I say that these cheese curds are worth it!

  1. Craftsman Table Tap: Middleton, WI
  2. Buck & Honey’s: Sun Prairie, WI 
  3. Crafty Cow: Oconomowoc, WI 
  4. The Iron Horse Hotel: Milwaukee, WI 
  5. Wisconsin Cheese Mart:  Milwaukee, WI 
  6. West Allis Cheese and Sausage Shoppe: WestAllis, WI 
  7. Milwaukee Burger Company: Franklin, WI

Remember that all food trails are different and that these places are just a small glimpse of the amazing ice cream, taco, and cheese curds stops that Wisconsin has to offer! I encourage you to make your own food trail highlighting your favorite foods or sweet treats, and to share it with friends as this summer slowly comes to an end. Happy eating!

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